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Bea takes a yoga class

Today, Bea Cummins, our favorite 70-year-old MILF/GILF/wife, is taking a yoga class. Her teacher is 24-year-old Rocky. He’s very hands on. No surprise. Bea is beautiful, she has huge titty and we will check her G-string above her yoga pants.

Rocky strokes Bea’s anal whereas she stretches. He adjusts her position and grinds his penis into her butt. Then he has her get down on her hands and knees therefore she does be able to arch her back…and get her booty up in the air. Then he adjusts her G-string.

Yoga instructors adjust G-strings?

And squeeze their students’ butts?

“I didn’t know that was a part of the routine,” Bea says.

“Especially for you,” Rocky says.

Grinding his dick into her butt…that’s especially for her, too?

Apparently therefore. As is slapping her ass.

“I’d prefer to do something for you,” Bea says. “I’d like to suck your dick.”

Now, we happen to grasp which sucking cock and fucking is not a part of an ordinary yoga routine.

But then again, Bea is no ordinary 70-year-old.

Bea takes a yoga class

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